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Bag of Jerks

Yak Jerky

Yak Jerky

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EXOTIC FLAVOR JOURNEY - Bag Of Jerks Yak Jerky offers an exquisite blend of gamey yak richness coupled with the sweet and savory tang of teriyaki. This jerky crafted especially for human consumption is an enticing snack adventure that will leave your taste buds longing for more.

KETO-FRIENDLY SNACK - On a quest for a protein-packed, low-carb snack to complement your keto lifestyle? Our yak jerky is just what you need! Packed with pure protein, it's tailored to fuel your day and sustain your active lifestyle.

THE ULTIMATE EXOTIC GIFT - Scouting for a unique gift for a jerky aficionado? Our Teriyaki Yak Jerky, derived from responsibly fed cattle, is elegantly packaged to be an ideal present for various occasions. It's a gourmet gesture of appreciation for any occasion.

READY FOR ADVENTURE - Bag Of Jerks recognizes your snacking needs. Our yak jerky is packaged in travel-friendly resealable bags, making it the ultimate snack for travels and long drives. Venture into the wild flavors of yak anytime, anywhere!

A PLEDGE TO PURITY - Our commitment lies in crafting our yak jerky from premium cuts of this majestic ox, marinated and slow-cooked to flawless perfection. Void of needless additives, our jerky sticks offer an authentic taste that jerky enthusiasts will vouch for.
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