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Bag of Jerks

Goose Jerky

Goose Jerky

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WILD FLAVOR ADVENTURE - Bag Of Jerks Goose Jerky offers an exquisite tenderness with classic teriyaki flavors. For the adventurous who yearn for an exotic and delicious snack, this jerky presents a culinary journey that will excite your taste buds!

KETO-FRIENDLY BOOST - Searching for a high-protein, low-sugar treat that aligns with your nutritional goals? Our goose jerky provides just that! Packed with protein and low in carbs, it's the optimal snack to energize your day and cater to  your diet!

UNIQUE GIFTING EXPERIENCE - On the lookout for an unmatched party gift or housewarming present? Our Teriyaki Goose Jerky is carefully packed and is a perfect present for any occasions. Celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or a simple gesture of gratitude, this jerky has never failed to surprise.

READY FOR ADVENTURE - Bag Of Jerks acknowledges the essence of handy and delicious snacks. Our goose jerky comes in resealable travel-friendly packs, making it a stellar companion for trips, treks, or during a bustling workday. Seize a pack and experience the authentic taste of goodness wherever you are!

OUR COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE - Our pride ourselves in our craft of making jerky. We only use prime cuts of goose, seasoned and cooked slowly to achieve optimal taste, we ensure an experience free from unwanted additives and artificial flavors. It's a genuine treat for all jerky lovers out there!
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