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Bag of Jerks

Buffalo Jerky

Buffalo Jerky

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Our Buffalo Jerky is a lean meat product that fits well as a replacement in ones diet.  Harvested weekly, prepared and seasoned our customers rave about the freshness and nutritional value it provides to there healthy lifestyle.


From our Blog:

 Where the Buffalo Roam

When it comes to thinking of buffalo, your first thought may not be buffalo jerky, but now that it has crossed your mind, you should know how much of a delicious treat this jerky can be!
In the United States, buffalo are usually found in areas where grasslands are prominient. While they are native to South Asia and Africia, they can be found in parts of the states, too.
Buffalo can typically be hunted all year long, and are often hunted for their meat, which has a lighter, sweeter flavor than beef, but similarly, has an earthy flavor.
Buffalo is loaded up with iron and protein, making it a great snack for a hunt, a hike, or after a trip to the gym. It is also lower in cholesterol, so those looking to be a bit more health-concious can rest assured that their snack is good for you! 
Have you tried buffalo before?


This portion size is 2.75 oz and is considered 3 servings




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