All About Elk

All About Elk

Elk - no matter where you're from, you've at least seen photos of these larger-than-life deer with the massive antler span and large bodies - especially the males! These creatures are often found in the Western and Northern U.S. states, as well as some parts of Canada. Elk are noisy and can sense danger quickly, which may make them more difficult to hunt - but the challenge may be worth it for the most seasoned hunters!

Here are a few fun facts about elk:

1. A male elk can weigh anywhere from 700-1100 pounds.

2. Male elk are called bulls, females are called cows, and babies are called calves.

3. Called ivories, an elk's top teeth are a prized possession of any elk hunter.

4. A full set of elk antlers can weigh up to 40 pounds!

5. Elk mate and breed in the fall, during a period known as the rut.

Have you gone on a successful elk hunt?

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